Matrimonial Queen room


Experience our a quiet night at this boutique hotel. Chinchero brims with energy,breathe pure air and yet these room offer you with a great of views of the mountan and its garden. You’ll find almost endless space, with a private badroom. They are the perfect choice for romance in one of Peru’s most unique honeymoon hotels.



Chinchero boutique hotel is located 28 kilometers from the City of Cuzco, in the province of Urubamba, Department of Cuzco, and before reaching the Sacred Valley of the Incas ( the Urubamba River) known as the land of rainbow, It is currently a tourist attraction for its typical, traditional and authentic market every Sunday, that in its origin was dominated by the exchange of products among the inhabitants of the area, the colonial church of the seventeenth century and its textile art of the Inca era that is teaching us step by step the unique experience of this place, most important its ceremonial center and archaeological site of the same name.